Why use ON HOLD AND COMMERCIALS for radio spots?

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  • High value and high return on investment 
  • Quick turnaround   
  • Personal and caring communication
  • Dependable service
  • Professionalism

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Soothing - (Salon & Spa)

Delightful - (Retail)

Practical - (Medical)

Exciting - (Live Performance)

Sensual - (Enigma LP Spot)


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Why advertise on the Radio?                                                                                                                

--Research says …


“Radio listeners have a unique relationship with Radio…more emotionally connected than for either newspapers or the Internet…much more personal than for television"--Radio Ad Lab, "Radio and the Consumer's Mind:  Hpw Radio Works", September, 2006

"When costs are contrasted with impact, Radio is more cost effective than TV...Radio Ads are capable of achieving significant recall even when listeners are distracted."--Radio Ad Lab, RAEL Research Compendium, 2002, James Peacock, Author, Peacock Research, Inc.


“Radio’s Return On Investment is approximately 17 Percent higher than television.”--Radio Ad Lab, June 2005, study conducted by Millward Brown and Information Resources, Inc. (IRI)