If you’d like to update your on hold message often, but want someone else to do the work, consider this Network Enabled Player with a server program and database management that we can administer for you!  Ask us to explain further:  email to

DP-501 Network Enabled Player


*  Plays MP3 & WAV files with CD sound quality
*  Instant or scheduled file transfer/update via the Internet
*  Local and remote volume control
*  2 GB maximum memory capacity
Server program with database management

*  Single file storage
*  Internal monitoring speaker

* Compact size, maintenance free


DP-501 is a digital audio player designed specifically for music-on-hold. It can be used to provide on hold music/message to holding callers via a phone system in order to keep them informed or entertained.

Digital on hold systems have evolved from the first generation (tape/CD download), the second generation (flash card based) to the third generation of network enabled DP-501. Now the audio can be updated via the Internet instantly or on a scheduled basis, all without the client’s involvement. Furthermore, DP-501 allows the output level to be controlled remotely to ensure optimal system performance.

DP-501’s huge amount of flash memory can store hours of audio in order to satisfy even the most demanding applications. Half of the memory is used for double buffering which allows the player to switch back to the old content in case of download errors.

Designed to conform to popular industrial standards, DP-501 is directly compatible with MP3 and WAV files.